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The Boland Survey of Not-For-Profit Salaries
and Human Resource Practices

The Boland Survey is National with Regional reporting for Alberta, British Columbia, Prairies, and Ontario.

"Peter T. Boland & Associates offers the most comprehensive annual survey of salaries and human resource practices in the not-for-profit sector in Canada". (HR Council for the Voluntary and Non-profit Sector)

Over more than a decade this survey has become an indispensable source of information for salary and human resource planning, valued by Boards, management and funders alike.

To participate in the 2015 survey submit the on line registration form.
This survey is only available to participants.

For 2014, the Boland Survey of Not for Profit Salaries and HR Practices published regional reports for: British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Participants in any of the regional surveys may receive a copy of the other regional survey reports for an additional charge. Anlysis on a National basis can also be provided on request.

For more information about the Boland Survey, please take a look at:

There is no charge to include your data. Submitting your data provides you with an opportunity to receive the survey report at very reasonable cost and also access custom analysis from the database. Participate now by printing and faxing the 2015 Boland Survey request form. Your data submission package will be emailed to you in June 2015.

Timely and reliable data is essential to effective human resource decision making. The 2014 Boland Survey report included annual salary and equivalent hourly rates for over 70 positions to help you and your Board manage your salary policy effectively, set competitive salaries and enable comparison of your human resource practices with that of similar organizations. All data are confidential and no organization’s data will be identifiable.

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